influenced by hip-hop music and street culture of kye’s birthday – usa, she mix the diversities of your across-cultrual experiences and her perspectives of meeting celebrities’s need for styles. through her designs, we saw fun-loving menswear shape, pretty much distinguished from conventional patterns and went far beyoung “chic and casual”.


harmony and connection in human being’s life ithe s theme of kye’s spring summer 2015 collection. images of connections in our life with others are expressed on kye’s delicate chain ornaments and web patterns. kye used high-tech rendering on all of its collections, which made it possible to use laser-cut chain, web-patterns, elaborate embroidery and caviar printing.


kye’s design goal is to free the men who is depressed at the moment in the name of a civilized society. kye would like to keep men remain its powerfulness but still could convey a little fun part as well when wearing kye’s design. therefore, in the whole line, kye wants to show neutrality of chicness devoid of masculinity.




a highlight in your career?
“collaboration with adidas hk.selected as concept korea designers.”

where does the inspiration come from?
“usually from my dreams and from streets and friends.”

favorite designers?
“so many! can not pick one!”

the style of your creations?
“I try to take some serious themes and issues to something light and beautiful.”

the key-word of your style?
“witty, casual, rude.”

a special thanks to…
“my parents, louise wilson obe, joonil.”

favorite colors?

favorite materials?

fashion today is …
“so diverse yet so similar”.

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What we did.

understandably, there were less leather, knits and thick neoprene for spring, with looks styled with trendy tooth sole slippers. there doesn’t seem to be any other accessories this season, at least from the looks of the runway.


her style represents new fun-loving menswear shape, much distinguished from conventional patterns. kye first revealed herself before media at csm ba graduate fashion shows three years ago, in 2009, surprising with a unique collection overflowing with personality, titled the body collection.


kye's inspiration sources for her collection are coming from her dreams, streets and friends. eventually, kye aspires to become an artistic fashion designer by expanding her interests to other related areas, such as the design and fine arts. kye's inspiration sources for her collection are coming from her dreams, streets and friends.


she believes she can provide a new dimension in fashion design by becoming herself a pop icon.

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